March 7, 2013
by Fast Electric Service

Electrician Cary NC: Get Ready For Spring!

Electrician Cary NC: Spring Cleaning!

Spring is well on it’s way. It should be making a full appearance anytime now. We’ve been getting a few glimpses here and there in the past month. Spring is a great time for cleaning, home improvements, home maintenance, and getting rid of things. One of the best ways to get yourself and your home ready for spring is doing some home maintenance. Below are a few great tips for getting your home in shape and ready for spring!

If you’re looking for a great Cary Electrician to help get your home improvement jobs started, contact Fast Electric today!


  •  Electrician Cary NC Tip#1: Check those gutters! If there is no drainage going on, that’s a problem! No drainage may lead to water in  basements or crawl space. Also, check your downspouts. Reposition them to flow away from your foundation. They can sometimes get knocked around in the snow and harsh winds of winter.


  • Electrician Cary NC Tip#1: Locate all low areas around the yard and foundation of your home. Fill them up with soil or excess dirt.  The floods that spring brings can cause damage to your foundation and other parts of your yard. Pooled water can also lead to icky bugs and other insects.


  • Electrician Cary NC Tip#2: Check around all wooden doors, windows, and other exterior wood, attached to your home. Probe around with a screwdriver and find any and all problem areas. Be sure to replace any damaged wood before spring showers hit.


  • Electrician Cary NC Tip#3: Be sure to take a look at your roof. Shingles can be lost or damaged during the harsh winter elements.  Older roofs may need replaced soon. If you think that’s the case, start a budget for it now. Roofs are costly. Saving for them ahead of time is a great idea! The summer sun can really damage shingles, as well. Any shingles that are cracked or loose should be replaced as to prevent any further damage.


  • Electrician Cary NC Tip#4: Make sure your chimney’s exterior is in good shape. Look for cracks. Replace or repair any damage. It’s also a good idea to go ahead and have your chimney swept.


  • Electrician Cary NC Tip#5: Check all concrete around your home for cracks. Easy to use repair kits can fill the cracks in. They will also help prevent the crack from deepening.


  • Electrician Cary NC Tip#6: If you store firewood right next to your home, be sure to move any that may be left over from winter.


  • Electrician Cary NC Tip#7: Check outside hose faucets for freeze damage. Turn the water on and place your thumb or finger over the opening. If you can stop the flow of water, it is likely the pipe inside the home is damaged and will need to be replaced. While you’re at it, check the garden hose for dry rot.


  • Electrician Cary NC Tip#8: Check your gas- and battery-powered lawn equipment to make sure it is ready for summer use. Clean equipment and sharp cutting blades will make yard work easier.


These are a few great tips to get your spring season started off right! Be sure to check with us next post on more great tips for home improvements. Also be sure to check out for all your Raleigh NC electrical needs.



March 5, 2013
by Fast Electric Service

Electrician in Raleigh NC: Green Buildings are Our Future.

Electrician in Raleigh NC: Going Green!

In today’s demanding financial times, most Americans go blank when they hear the term, “go green” or “green buildings.” Many relate “green” with costly energy-saving solutions. Sod roofs or straw-bale home are expensive and large projects. Solar panels are super energy efficient but also expensive. The degree of sound green building affects us all.  Developing a sustainable future is something to look forward to. It’s more than energy saving. It’s a matter of potential conservation for the future. Your Electrician in Raleigh NC does his best to provide energy efficient solutions.

“The weaving together of many energy-efficient, resource-efficient and people-friendly practices in the responsible design and construction of our buildings and living environments.” This is the exact wording that the U.S. Green Building Council uses to define green building. What we don’t realize is that it applies to each of us every day. It applies to us in more ways than we even realize. It’s not just new buildings. Existing buildings and structures also need to be included. To better benefit energy saving futures, we need to remember that everything can become green. It’s just a matter of making the direct decision to do so. Your electrician in Raleigh NC has made up his mind.

Green building is a development of thinking about how to decrease our individual and worldwide impact on our surroundings. Fast Electric is dedicated to helping the world become “green”. It is our goal to become more energy efficient. For more info, contact Fast Electric today. It’s never too late to go green!

Below are a few goals to keep in mind provided by your electrician in Raleigh NC, should you want to try going green:

• Saving energy, water and any other natural and material resources

• Protect our own health, as well as the health of the world. All while improving the productivity of humans.

• Reducing waste, pollution and anything that’s harmful to our environment.

We all reduce, reuse, and recycle. We are starting to trade our SUVs to buy hybrid cars. It’s not uncommon to see people carry reusable shopping bags. What we don’t always notice is people reducing water consumption. New home plans and designs don’t always accept the green building idea. There are so many ways we can contribute on our own. An easy way to use the three R’s at home is improve your landscaping. Healthy soil can add considerably, to energy and water savings.

Fast Electric can help you optimize your sustainability in your home or business. Be sure to contact an electrician in Raleigh NC today for more information. Get yourself and your home on the right track. Green building is our future.

March 1, 2013
by Fast Electric Service

Electrician Apex NC: Should I Hire a Licensed Electrician?

Electrician Apex NC: Licensed Electricians

It’s hard to know whether your wiring job is too small to hire an electrician Apex NC. Sometimes, it’s easier to try it yourself first, right? Wrong. Dealing with electrical wiring is a dangerous thing. Skilled professionals are licensed to do the job.

Faulty electrical wiring is a fire waiting to happen. That, for one, is sufficient reason to hire a qualified electrician. Actually, there are many different reasons why an hiring an electrician Apex NC is good for any electrical job. Big or small.  Wiring may seem like a fairly easy intention. The lights work, or they don’t. If they don’t work, try again. Honestly, it’s not that simple. Ever.  The wiring might seem OK. Even following specific instructions can seem OK. Sadly, one wrong move can hurt appliance motors or worse. All of the damage done can happen due to the delivery of the wrong amperage. It’s understandable you wouldn’t know what could happen if wiring isn’t perfect. That is, until the circuit has blown and you are sitting in the dark.

Hiring an experienced electrician Apex NC can help you avoid these problems. The problems can come sooner or later. Either way, be sure to trust in an expert electrician for the job.

Finding a skilled, licensed, electrician Apex NC is easier than finding the right carpenter or plumber. You can expect a confident level of ability when an electrician shows you his state license. It’s a reassuring thing.  You know that the work that’s being done is precise. You also won’t be worried that the work done will cause problems in the future.

There’s also another level of safety when hiring a certified electrician. Most all electrical work requires a permit; this permit is issued by your local building department. Once the permit is in place, a building inspector can sign off on the work that’s been done. The inspector must take a look at it to see if it’s up to code. If it’s not, he won’t sign off. It’s best to be sure that your electrical work is done efficiently and properly. Call Fast Electric today for an estimate.

February 3, 2013
by Fast Electric Service

Work With Your Electrician Raleigh NC, Not Against Him.

Electrician Raleigh NC: Communication is Key!

Electricians are great additions to big projects that require re-wiring, wiring, or any other type of electrical work. Often times, electricians need your help. Not actually wiring or doing electrical work, though. They need you to supply them with plans, fixtures, or other things. They need to sign off on fixture decisions, before you decide. Sometimes, a homeowner needing electrical work is an electrician’s hardest challenge. Be sure to consult your electrician Raleigh NC on all decisions. Never buy fixtures or anything that needs wiring without letting them know first.

For large renovation jobs, such as additions or whole-house restorations, electricians work from plans generated by the designer or architect. The plans display outlet and switch locations. They label fixture types, such as fluorescent and incandescent. Usually, the electrical plans are drawn up long before you’ve had a chance to pick the light fixtures. Be sure to share the plans with your electrician Raleigh NC. They can get a lot of information from them. They can also assist your decisions on fixtures. Get the electrician’s opinion before you get your heart set on something that’s not able to be used.

To evade misunderstandings, find out when the electrician will need the fixtures. Shop around, only then, to find the fixtures you want. Be sure to make a list of the things you like. Include the manufacturer, model number of product, and where the fixtures are located. Once you’ve given the electrician the list, he can assess the general quality of your selections. He will be able to steer you away from low-quality or dangerous items.

Working with your electrician Raleigh NC will deliver the best of both worlds when dealing with an electrical job. Don’t work against him and make bad buying decisions or keep plans away from him. Electricians need time to plan, as well. The job will get finished quicker and run more smoothly.

If you need a great Holly Springs electrician, be sure to contact Fast Electric. Fast Electric with work with you and your home’s needs for quality electrical work that lasts.