Holly Springs Electrician: More Energy Saving Tips


Holly Springs Electrician: Save Energy… More Tips!

There are so many little ways to help save on the energy your home uses. In our previous post, we went over a few tips and tricks. In this post, we will go further into the things that actually cause your utility bill to go up, up, up. These things can be avoided easily. You just have to know where to start. Your Holly Springs Electrician can help!


Holly Springs Electrician Tip 1. Turn Off the Lights:  Saves 2% of energy

Be mindful about shutting lights off when you leave a room. If you have a forgetful family member or roommate, remind them. Use a sticky note and put it on the switchplates or consider installing motion-detector switches.

Even Better: Replace your bulbs with energy saving ones, quickly!

Holly Springs Electrician Tip 2. Install Ceiling Fans:  Saves 19% of energy

Install Energy Star ceiling fans in the rooms you use most often. They’ll help keep you cool in the summer while your AC works less or not at all. In the winter, switch them to turn clockwise to circulate the warm air rising up to the ceiling back down into the room.

Even Better: Go with a white roof or install a “green” roof. This will prevent heat loss through the roof in winter and cool your home down in the summer.

Holly Springs Electrician Tip 3. Give your fridge a little extra attention

The refrigerator is one of the biggest energy-users in your home, and if it was built before 1993, it’s a huge energy hog. Clean the coils of your fridge every six months to keep it running efficiently, and take up unused space with jugs of water, which hold in the cold. Eliminate a second refrigerator, if you have one.

Holly Springs Electrician Tip 4. Wash Clothes in Cold, Let Them Air Dry:  Saves 9% of energy

Washing clothes in cold water gets them just as clean as hot, and cuts your washer’s energy use in half. Also, dry them outside!

Even Better: Water and energy use are intertwined: producing energy uses water, and providing clean drinking water requires energy. Take steps to conserve water everywhere in your home.

Holly Springs Electrician Tip 5. Upgrade Major Appliances:  Saves 12% of energy

Appliances use 20 percent of the energy in the average US home. When it’s time to purchase new appliances, look for the most efficient Energy Star model you can find. The biggest energy hogs in a home are usually the refrigerator and clothes dryer. Especially if they’re really old!

Holly Springs Electrician Tip 6.  Your Water Heater Needs a Coat:  Saves 1 – 3% of energy

Adding an insulating cover to your water heater can reduce heat loss by 24-45 percent. Turning it down 10 degrees saves, too.   If half of US households did so, it would prevent 239 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. WOW!

Even Better: Upgrade to a tankless, solar water heater when you can. You’ll  save 14% off your energy bill.


Be sure to check back soon for more energy saving tips from Fast Electric Services! If you are looking for a Raleigh electrician, contact us today!

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