Electrician Raleigh NC: A Few More Energy Saving Tips From Fast Electric!


Electrician Raleigh NC: Even more Energy Savings!

OK. We’ve really gone over a great deal of ways to save on energy in your household. It’s simple really, when give a little bit of though. Almost everything in your home uses energy to work. That’s a lot of energy. Below are 4 more great energy saving tips. Once all of these tips are put into action, we hope it’s worth the extra effort it takes to do it! Your Electrician Raleigh NC believes it is!


Electrician Raleigh NC Tip #1. Plug Air Leaks
Save 12% of energy
Replacing windows is the most effective way to save on energy. It’s also the least cost-efficient. New windows in your home cost a lot. If you aren’t able to, there is something else you can do. Find all the air leaks in your windows and doors. Seal these air leaks around doors and windows instead. Use caulk and weather-stripping. Insulating curtains are great for blocking sun and keeping the air from running in the summer. It also helps keep the house cool in the summer. Any kind of window cover will help keep the heat in, during the winter.

Even Better: Ask your power company to help locate your major energy losses.

Electrician Raleigh NC Tip #2. Use Your Programmable Thermostat
Saves 10% of energy
Practically half of US households already use a programmable thermostat. Find the owner’s instruction manual. Use it to learn how to use yours. It will make the most of the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. Programming your thermostat can help keep the heat or air off while you are away or sleeping. It will automatically turn on before you get home or get up.

Electrician Raleigh NC Tip #3. Air Dry Dishes
Saves 3% of energy
Thank goodness…Hand washing dishes actually takes more energy than using the dishwasher!! Glad we know that know! There is one little issue though. Running the dry cycle, after the dishes are clean defeats the concept. The drying cycle uses twice as much energy than hand washing. Let those dishes air dry.

Even Better: Run your dishwasher (and wash clothes) at night, throughout off-peak hours.

Electrician Raleigh NC Tip #4. Reduce Your Phantom Load
Saves 5% of energy
Countless electronics use energy even when they’re not on. Unplug your electronics or plug them into a power strip. Then, switch the power strip off to save on the “phantom load.”

Even Better: Use a Kill-A-Watt meter to calculate the energy use of appliances and gadgets. Do this even when they’re turned off. You can track the energy used in your entire house with this meter.


We hope you’ve learned a little about energy saving in your home, over the course of these last few posts. It’s important to pay attention to these things! It can really help not only your utility bill, but also our environment!


For help with your electrical issues be sure to call Fast Electric!

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